Rice Purity Test

Find your Purity Score?

This is Indian Rice Purity test which consists of 100 questions related to your life, beahviour and habits. The questions are intresting with some indian spices .

Questions are even related to alcohol, sex, and drugs.

Do you dare to Answer them? 👼🏻🧚🏻‍♂️

1: Held hands romantically?

2: Been on a date?

3: Been in a relationship?

4: Cheated in relationship?

5: Installed Tinder/hyphen/dating apps?

6: Been to the party?

7: Been drunk?

8: Started a fight in the club/party?

9: Danced on Tony Kakkar's song?

10: Had crush on your bestfriend?

11: Argued with your parents?

12: Have crush on famous youtuber?

13: Said I love you?

14: Caught corona?

15: Been expelled from school/college?

16: You mostly follow your heart?

17: Missed someone special very badly?

18: Danced in public?

19: Made tiktok videos?

20: Stolen your friend's money?

21: Broken rules?

22: Gone for a long trip without asking your parents?

23: Dated someone older than you?

24: Have crush on your friend's girlfriends?

25: Beaten someone badly?

26: Truely loved someone?

27: Late night text message with unknown?

28: Got tattoo?

29: Played Holi with your crush?

30: Stolen from store?

31: Stalked someone continiously on facebook/Instagram?

32: Still remember your Bacchapan ka Pyaar?

33: Made profile on Jeevansaathi.com/matrimonial sites?

34: Broken your word, promise, or vow?

35: Involved in gang fights?

36: You don't care about your partner?

37: Read someone else messages without their concern?

38: Checked someone's phone wihout their concern?

39: Rejected the love proposal?

40: Gone for mid-night show with your girlfriend?

41: Pranked with someone?

42: Been pranked?

43: Forgiven the guilty?

44: Are you selfish?

45: Told lie about your academic result?

46: Proposed your teacher?

47: Involved in a gang fight?

48: You prefer yourself first, and others come in second?

49: Bunked classes?

50: You think highly of yourself?

51: Gone for a candle light dinner?

52: Imagined getting married to your celebrity crush?

53: Still in touch with your ex?

54: Been suspended from college/school?

55: Urinated in public?

56: You smoke a lot?

57: Stolen money for PUBG or games?

58: You lie a lot?

59: Had the police called on you?

60: Ran from the police?

61: Had the police question you?

62: Broken the traffic rules?

63: Argued with ploice?

64: Fought with your parents?

65: Taken advantage of others?

66: Your mood changes very quickly?

67: You lose patience with people who are not as efficient as you?

68: Been on a blind date?

69: You enjoy watching people argue?

70: You don't care about others emotions?

71: You make rash decisions?

72: Misbehaved with your parents?

73: You insult people?

74: Begged your partner to not leave you?

75: Cried for your lover?

76: You Procrastinate a lot?

77: Been in a relation just for the money?

78: Been over confident?

79: Slapped your partner?

80: End up doing things at the last possible moment?

81: You are more inclined to follow your head than your heart.?

82: Travelled 100 or more miles to see your partner?

83: Been over protective?

84: Felt jealous when your friends/partner achieve success more than you?

85: Its hard to forgive people who broke your trust?

86: Intrested in friends with benefits?

87: Lied about your previous relationship?

88: Been in relationship just for timepass?

89: Spent a lot of money in your partners shopping?

90: Been over protective for your loved ones?

91: Cooked food to impress loved ones?

92: Felt embarrassed?

93: Wrote love poem?

94: Dressed according to your partner's choice?

95: Blocked your partner on social media?

96: Blocked your partner's call?

97: Taken a real revenge?

98: Confessed your sins?

99: You don't discuss problems with your partner?

100: Have intensions to destroy others?

Your Score



Hmm!! you are closer to dirty impurity. But thats ok you can improve and take this test again.


Good, You belong to the majority of people. You have experienced both, good as well as bad.


Very good! You are the purests soul. Keep going on. I am sure you are gonna remain purest.