Purity Test for Kids

Kiddo...How Pure are you?

👇Take a Test & Find your purity score 👇

This updated Rice Purity Test is designed for the teenagers. It consists of 100 questions related to your life, college, and habits. It is mainly for 14 years and 15 years kids.

Questions are related to alcohol, affairs, & drugs.

Do you dare to Answer them? 👶😈

1: Been to the party?

2: Held hands romantically?

3: Been on a party?

4: Have crush on your classmate?

5: Stalked your crush on Facebook/Instagram?

6: Tasted alcohol?

7: Cheated in exams?

8: Taken cheat sheet in exams?

9: Stolen stationery items from your friend's bag?

10: Had crush on your bestfriend?

11: Fought with your parents?

12: Been Punished by teacher?

13: Said I love you?

14: Clicked your crush photo?

15: Bunked classes?

16: Dreamt to meet your favourite celebrity?

17: Missed someone special very badly?

18: Danced in public?

19: Made tiktok videos?

20: Stolen your friend's money?

21: Broken rules?

22: Gone for a long trip without asking your parents?

23: Stolen money from your father's pocket?

24: Been punished by teacher in front of whole class?

25: Beaten someone badly?

26: Truely loved someone?

27: Failed in exam?

28: Lied about failing in exam?

29: Hurt your mother?

30: Stolen from store?

31: Stalked someone continiously on social media?

32: Been on a coffee date?

33: Taken Purity Tests before?

34: You spend more then 4 hours/day on mobile games?

35: Have/Had crush on your class teacher?

36: Watched 50 Shades of Grey(movie)?

37: You are selfish?

38: Checked someone's phone wihout their concern?

39: Rejected the love proposal?

40: Watched romantic movies whole night?

41: Pranked with someone?

42: Used a friend's toothbrush to clean your shoe?

43: Forgiven the guilty?

44: Let someone else suffer for your mistakes?

45: Told lie about your academic result?

46: Proposed your teacher?

47: Clicked your crush photo secretly?

48: Stolen your friend's lunch box?

49: Bunked classes?

50: You think highly of yourself?

51: Kissed?

52: Cried hiding in bathroom?

53: Often felt difficult expressing yourself?

54: Been in a relationship?

55: Urinated in public?

56: Your are greedy?

57: Played Pokemon cards?

58: Stolen money from a homeless man

59: Been confused with your thoughts?

60: Ran from the police?

61: Had the police question you?

62: Broken the traffic rules?

63: Insulted someone?

64: Fought with your parents?

65: you take advantage of others?

66: Bribed your teacher for the oral exam?

67: You only prefer friendship with rich people?

68: Don't prefer sharing you things?

69: You enjoy watching people argue?

70: Have no place for emotions?

71: You only brush your teeth every other day?

72: Hurted someone very badly?

73: You insult people?

74: Beaten badly by teacher?

75: Cried for your lover?

76: You Procrastinate a lot?

77: Been in a relation just for the money?

78: Had crush on your teacher?

79: Brought alcohol to high school?

80: End up doing things at the last possible moment?

81: Spent more than 10 hours making Tik Tok videos?

82: Sent friend request to unknowns?

83: Been over protective?

84: Felt jealous of your sibling/friends achievements?

85: Stolen thing from your own home?

86: Bunked classed for the party?

87: Stolen money for games?

88: Been in relationship just for timepass?

89: Spent a lot of your father's money on shopping?

90: Cheated on your partner?

91: Have intentions to take revenge?

92: You have already eaten McDonald's for a whole week?

93: Made your parents cry?

94: Dressed according to your partner's choice?

95: Lied about your age to get into a club?

96: Blocked your partner's call?

97: Taken a real revenge?

98: Never accepted your mistakes?

99: You body shame your friends?

100: Stolen from a hotel?

Your Score



Opps!! Dirty Impurity...Buddy, you need to take care of yourself.


Hmm!! you are closer to dirty impurity. But thats ok, you can improve & retake this test.


Good, You belong to the majority of people. You have experienced both, good as well as bad.


Not bad! I am sure you are gonna remain this pure forever.


Very good! You are the purest soul. Keep going.