Rice Purity Test

Want to know your Purity Score?

Our New Rice Purity Test consists of 100 questions related to your life, relationship, beahviour and habits. This is the updated version of old purity test.

Questions are even related to alcohol, sex & drugs.

Do you dare to Answer them? 😜💋

1: Held hands romantically?

2: Been on a date?

3: Been in a relationship?

4: Danced without leaving room for Jesus?

5: Kissed a non-family member?

6: Cheated in relationship?

7: Been drunk?

8: Have you ever been kicked out of a bar??

9: Started a fight in the club/party?

10: Caused a fire to get an insurance?

11: You drink alcohol at least 3 times a week?

12: Made out in public?

13: Started drinking before you were 15?

14: Caught corona?

15: Been expelled from school?

16: Lied about your age for cheaper tickets?

17: Ever vomited on yourself/friend after drinking?

18: Posted a bad comment on social media?

19: Made tiktok videos?

20: Stolen your friend's money?

21: Broken rules?

22: Gone for a long trip without asking your parents?

23: Dated someone 10 years older than you?

24: You shout and yell at people?

25: Beaten someone badly?

26: Truely loved someone?

27: Late night text message with unknown?

28: Got tattoo?

29: You can't keep promises?

30: Stolen from store?

31: Stalked someone continiously on social media?

32: Have rapid mood swings?

33: Taken Purity Tests more than 7 times?

34: Broken your word, promise, or vow?

35: Involved in gang fights?

36: Used someone's else credit card without their concern?

37: Read someone else messages without their concern?

38: Have you ever slept in the toilet?

39: Rejected the love proposal?

40: Gone for mid-night show with your partner?

41: Pranked on someone?

42: Have you ever laughed at someone's misfortune?

43: Have you ever vomited in a public place?

44: Let someone else suffer for your mistakes?

45: Told lie about your academic result?

46: Proposed your teacher?

47: Clicked your crush photo?

48: You prefer yourself first, and others come in second?

49: Felt jealous on your friend's success?

50: You are selfish?

51: Have you ever participated in drinking games?

52: Been involved in bullying/ragging?

53: Asked for stranger's contact number?

54: Been put on disciplinary probation or suspended?

55: Urinated in public?

56: Spent all your parents money on your partner ?

57: Played with Yugioh/Pokemon cards?

58: You always spend a lot of time in the shower?

59: Had the police called on you?

60: Ran from the police?

61: Had the police question you?

62: Broken the traffic rules?

63: Argued with police?

64: Fought with your parents?

65: Taken advantages of others?

66: Your are moody?

67: Judged people based on their living standards?

68: Been on a blind date?

69: ?

70: Lied about your age to get into a club?

71: Brought alcohol to high school?

72: Had been cheated by the lover?

73: You insult people?

74: Begged your partner to not leave you?

75: Cried for your lover?

76: You Procrastinate a lot?

77: Been in a relation just for the money?

78: You enjoy your friend's break up?

79: Slapped your partner?

80: Watched 50 Shades of Grey (movie) thrice?

81: More inclined to follow your head than your heart?

82: Traveled more than 100 miles to see your partner?

83: Been over protective?

84: Felt jealous when your friend/partner's success ?

85: You can't forgive people who broke your trust?

86: Intrested in friends with benefits?

87: Lied about your previous relationship?

88: Been in relationship just for timepass?

89: Spent a lot of money in your partner's shopping?

90: Ever laughed at someone with a mental/physical disability?

91: Still in love with your ex?

92: Ever dated someone so you weren't alone?

93: Pretended not to see that old lady on the bus so as not to give up your seat?

94: Have over protective nature for your partner?

95: Blocked your partner on social media?

96: Money matter to you more than anything?

97: Taken a real revenge?

98: Been rude to telephone direct sellers

99: Insulted people on the internet with an anonymous account?

100: Been for a couples therapy?

Your Score



Hmm!! you are closer to dirty impurity. But thats ok you can improve and take this test again.


Good, You belong to the majority of people. You have experienced both, good as well as bad.


Very good! You are the purests soul. Keep going on. I am sure you are gonna remain purest.

What is the Rice Purity Test? [Quiz, Score Meaning, History & Origin]

The Rice Purity test is a self-graded online quiz that determines your degree of Innocence. It gives you a score of innocent based on worldly matters like love affairs, habits, relationships and other activities.

It's a kind of Personality test created by Rice university where you will be asked 100 unique questions mostly involving about love, affairs, relationships, & behavior.

The Rice purity quiz has a list of questions that are meant for students to track the maturation of their experiences. It consists of very personal Yes or No questions.

rice purity test

Once you finish the test, you will be given scores from 0 - 100. Lastly, the one who scores the highest is considered the purest.

Though you might have heard about this test recently, the history of the purity test is really old. Since then it has been evolved with time. In the early years, the questions for the test sounded pretty casual but now it's more personal.

Intresting Facts about Purity test

  • Recently,during the Covid-19 pandemic period, the Purity test went viral on tik-tok.
  • Over 1.5 million people took this test to in 24 hours & continued sharing over social media
  • The updated version of this test is known as the Innocence test.

Rice Purity Test History

Purity test came into existence in the early 1920s. It was first published in Rice University’s student newspaper. The Thresher in 1924. During those days one of the first online fads was the "Purity test". The test would consist of series of questions to rate your moral purity.

Firstly, this test was developed for college students to know how the experience of university was shaping individual life. Whether they have made any progress during their time spent in a university environment or not.

The students would print out the test, bring it to the school and pored over it with friends. They would even modify the test with their prurient additions. But mostly, it was a way for university seniors to see how innocent the incoming influx of students would be.

The Purity Test Origin

On Feb 18th 1936, The Indian Express published an article about the students at Toronto University were under-going "purity test". It says "this takes the form of twenty very personal questions, designed to determined the state of their morals and their purity ratio"

rice purity origin

In that test, the highest and the lowest ratio has been obtained by the males. The student who holds the record claims that he is 97 percent pure and the lowest rate is given as 11.

On Feb 29th, 1980, the USA's newspaper Sarasota Herald-Tribune headline says "Purity Quiz shocks the texas board". Teacher Meloine Peck was fired that year administering a widely published "purity test" by an advice communist.

The flag began when two students bought a copy of a purity test to class. It ranks a person according to his worldly and sexual experiences. Mrs. Peck printed it and distributed it to the class, committing the rating scale. The School Board was shocked and fired her.

What does the purity test score mean?

Well, the highest you score, the purest you are. But what if you score average or the lowest. Let's find out what does the purity test mean mean.

The Rice Purity test score meaning

  • Score 100 ~ 98 - You are purest soul in the world. You are a baby.

  • Score 97 ~ 94 - You are the most innocent one who has probably done somethimg just romantic. This is very uncommon score to get.

  • Score 93 ~ 77 - You are among the majority. This is the average range of score most people gets. You are not the purest but you have enjoyed your life to the fullest in a good way.

  • Score 76 ~ 45 - This score indicates you are somewhat engaged in some addictive and unusual activities.

  • Score 44 ~ 9 - These scores are reserved for the super hardcore people. You have to take a special care of yourself.

  • Score 8 ~ 0 - No, you dont exits. Never met a single one getting this lowest score. It indicates that you have been involved in the most unusual activities

Although the test was originally developed to test the maturity of college students, nowadays it’s just viewed as a fun game to play with friends.

How does the purity test work?

It consists of 100 unique questions based on aspects like covers love, affairs, relationships & behavior. These questions reveal your personality.

You have got two options i.e YES or NO. Choose one of the options based on your experience. The question will start with "Have you ever....." or "Do You....". Sometimes, you have to tick the statement that you’ve done before and leave the ones that you haven't done.

After answering all the questions, your purity score will display on the screen. The rice purity score will be in number or percentage. For example, "Your Score is ___."

What are the other kinds of Purity tests?

The original version of the purity test had two parallel versions, 100 questions for males and 100 questions for females. That means one test for girls and another for boys. The questions were a bit different. The male version included some bold questions.

1. Innocence Test

It is also known as the Tik Tok Innocence test, which tells you how innocent you are. The innocence test describes itself as a modern-day “re-imagining of the classic rice purity test.” This test was created by BFFs Grace Wetsel (@50_shades_of_grace) and Ella Menashe (@ellemn0) in 2020.

They said, "we have created this test after we noticed, that the official Rice Purity Test was outdated". It is a little bit a long test but quite worth it if you have some extra time.

You have to gloat about just how rebellious you are on TikTok now and some other questions related to your personality. Finally, you can get your Innocence score after clicking on the "calculate my score button".

2. Wattpad Rice Purity Test

This test is the latest craze right now because it claims that all the questions asked here pertain to an event that has happened at any time in your life. Wattpad purity test consists of 132 questions and, the premise is simple – answer a load of statements honestly, get your score of purity.

But the test openly challenges that it's not just any random & classic purity quizzes that are floating around. It has been mainly designed for those who score 80% or more and consider themself the pure soul.

3. True Asian Test

It is the parody of the official Rice Purity test. It provides 100 questions to test your Asian tendency. You can take this test by visiting https://www.trueasiantest.com/.

The website has a funny caption that says, " If you score below 90%, you bring dishonor to your family."

4. 4 Axes Test

The 4 Axes Test tells you how progressive, left-wing, normal, male, and female you are. In 2020 every week, a new quiz was breaking the internet.

During those time, a new IDRlabs quiz was introduced to determine where you sit on the four axes: the political axis, the gender axis, the lifestyle axis, and the personality axis.

The political axis measures whether your political outlook is more right-wing or left-wing, the gender axis measures interests & personality traits, the lifestyle axis measures whether your life is traditional or progressive and the personality axis measures your personality.

5. High School Purity Test

This test is for 14 & 15 years old. Yes, the test for the high school teenagers to measure their kinkiness and naughtiness. The questions are funny as well as attractive.

Other kinds of purity tests are the Drinking test, Virginity test, Brown Rice purity Test, etc.

How does the Rice purity Test became Popular?

It became popular through sharing on social media platforms. Rice purity test Reddit became trending in 2014 when people started posting questions regarding this test.

It became a fun game among people and, they started to take the test & post their results on Reddit.

Some of the popular questions asked on Reddit are as follows:

  • What's your rice purity score Reddit?
  • What is the Purity Test average score?
  • What is the lowest purity score Reddit?
  • Anyone here taken the Purity Test? Its a quick test and shows you how pure you are. What score did you get?

The popularity of this test reached to peak in 2020 during the covid-19 pandemic.

Many youngsters on Tik Tok took the innocence test and shared their results, which went viral and became trendy.

How to improve your purity score?

This quiz consists of 100 questions, each signifying a step away from purity. For every 'Yes' answer, minus a point from the users’ scores, which determines their labels.

Getting less score is OK but, it tells you to work on yourself. Not for the sake of improving your score but to improve yourself and your mental health.

Here are the steps you can follow for the development of your personality & health:

1. Educate Yourself

Educated are more likely to live longer and healthier lives. They can differentiate between good & bad very well. Then this is obvious that educated ones are more likely to avoid doing stupid or dangerous activities.

They can shape a better society to live in by knowing the rights, laws, and regulations. It is going to improve their personality and hence the score for sure.

2. Take care of your health

Health is Wealth. Staying healthy physically will help you to stay healthy emotionally too. And good mental health is very important at every stage of your life, especially from childhood to adolescence. These are the stages you are more likely to develop bad habits & company.

Mental disorders also affect a person's health behavior like engaging in unusual practices, alcohol, and drugs. Hence, staying healthy will help you to boost your purity score.

3. Stay away from drugs

Drugs have both short-term as well as long-term effects. It can lead to an addiction, which is a long-lasting brain disorder. For the drug addict, life without it seems like an impossible task and that one thing can damage your whole life.

So, stay away from drugs and enjoy your life to the fullest. For those who have been addicted, it's never too late to quit using drugs.


Although this 100-question survey help to know about human characteristics and behavior, they are no test that can determine who you are.

And most importantly, purity should not be decided by your past, only that counts is your present state, your kindness & goodness.

Judgment about the Purity score can vary from person to person. They are not pervasive. They may change with person, place, and the way you think!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a good score on Rice purity test?

A score between 60 to 90 can be considered as a good Rice purity score. However, the score also depends upon your age. If someone who is 15 years old gets a purity score of 60, he won't be considered pure. Our experience and maturity play a vital role to determine the purity score.

Is 30 a bad rice purity score?

Yes, 30 is considered a bad purity score. It means you are involved in various unusual and illegal activities.

Is the rice purity test weighted?

Yes, it is weighted. If you are more inclined towards severe or illegal acts, you are less pure.

What is a purity test for virgins?

This test also includes 100 questions where the questions are really simple and basics.

Who made the rice purity test?

It was first published by Rice University for their students to test their maturity.

What Rice purity test says about you?

It reflects your maturity. How you treat yourself and others. It is basically a degree of your Innocence.

What is a rice purity test Tiktok?

This is the updated version of the rice purity test. Since it went viral on Tik Tok, people updated the older version with some modern questions, so it can be relevant to the new era.

How does the Rice Purity test work?

There are 100 questions related to love, sex, behavior, and maturity. Once you take the test and answer those questions, it will give you a purity score.

What is the state purity test?

In the state purity test, a weight is assigned to each question. Among 100 questions, 30 minor acts questions carries weight of 1, 30 immoral acts have the weight of 2, Other 20 raunchy acts carry the weight of 3, and remaining 20 scandalous acts questions have the weight of 4.