Rice Purity Test

Want to know your Purity Score?

Our New Rice Purity Test consists of 100 questions related to your life, relationship, beahviour and habits. This is the updated version of old purity test.

Questions are related to alcohol, sex & drugs.

Do you dare to Answer them? 😜💋

1: Held hands romantically?

2: Been on a date?

3: Been in a relationship?

4: Danced without leaving room for Jesus?

5: Kissed a non-family member?

6: Cheated in relationship?

7: Been drunk?

8: Have you ever been kicked out of a bar??

9: Started a fight in the club/party?

10: Caused a fire to get an insurance?

11: You drink alcohol at least 3 times a week?

12: Made out in public?

13: Started drinking before you were 15?

14: Caught corona?

15: Been expelled from school?

16: Lied about your age for cheaper tickets?

17: Ever vomited on yourself/friend after drinking?

18: Posted a bad comment on social media?

19: Made tiktok videos?

20: Stolen your friend's money?

21: Broken rules?

22: Gone for a long trip without asking your parents?

23: Dated someone 10 years older than you?

24: You shout and yell at people?

25: Beaten someone badly?

26: Truely loved someone?

27: Late night text message with unknown?

28: Got tattoo?

29: You can't keep promises?

30: Stolen from store?

31: Stalked someone continiously on social media?

32: Have rapid mood swings?

33: Taken Purity Tests more than 7 times?

34: Broken your word, promise, or vow?

35: Involved in gang fights?

36: Used someone's else credit card without their concern?

37: Read someone else messages without their concern?

38: Have you ever slept in the toilet?

39: Rejected the love proposal?

40: Gone for mid-night show with your partner?

41: Pranked on someone?

42: Have you ever laughed at someone's misfortune?

43: Have you ever vomited in a public place?

44: Let someone else suffer for your mistakes?

45: Told lie about your academic result?

46: Proposed your teacher?

47: Clicked your crush photo?

48: You prefer yourself first, and others come in second?

49: Felt jealous on your friend's success?

50: You are selfish?

51: Have you ever participated in drinking games?

52: Been involved in bullying/ragging?

53: Asked for stranger's contact number?

54: Been put on disciplinary probation or suspended?

55: Urinated in public?

56: Spent all your parents money on your partner ?

57: Played with Yugioh/Pokemon cards?

58: You always spend a lot of time in the shower?

59: Had the police called on you?

60: Ran from the police?

61: Had the police question you?

62: Broken the traffic rules?

63: Argued with police?

64: Fought with your parents?

65: Taken advantages of others?

66: Your are moody?

67: Judged people based on their living standards?

68: Been on a blind date?

69: ?

70: Lied about your age to get into a club?

71: Brought alcohol to high school?

72: Had been cheated by the lover?

73: You insult people?

74: Begged your partner to not leave you?

75: Cried for your lover?

76: You Procrastinate a lot?

77: Been in a relation just for the money?

78: You enjoy your friend's break up?

79: Slapped your partner?

80: Watched 50 Shades of Grey (movie) thrice?

81: More inclined to follow your head than your heart?

82: Traveled more than 100 miles to see your partner?

83: Been over protective?

84: Felt jealous when your friend/partner's success ?

85: You can't forgive people who broke your trust?

86: Intrested in friends with benefits?

87: Lied about your previous relationship?

88: Been in relationship just for timepass?

89: Spent a lot of money in your partner's shopping?

90: Ever laughed at someone with a mental/physical disability?

91: Still in love with your ex?

92: Ever dated someone so you weren't alone?

93: Pretended not to see that old lady on the bus so as not to give up your seat?

94: Have over protective nature for your partner?

95: Blocked your partner on social media?

96: Money matter to you more than anything?

97: Taken a real revenge?

98: Been rude to telephone direct sellers

99: Insulted people on the internet with an anonymous account?

100: Been for a couples therapy?

Your Score



Opps!! Dirty Impurity...Buddy, you need to take care of yourself.


Hmm!! you are closer to dirty impurity. But thats ok, you can improve & retake this test.


Good, You belong to the majority of people. You have experienced both, good & bad.


Not bad! I am sure you are gonna remain this pure forever.


Very good! You are the purest soul. Keep on going.